Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Tears

The flood of tears came when my daughter asked about the floaties. I imagined the four sets of floaties spilling out of the locker the next time we go to the pool; the realization that our cousins will be gone and life will be quiet. My sister in law, my dear, dear friend, was here from Spain, along with her 3 kids and husband. Our life was busy, hectic, chaotic, and noisy. I never minded it once. Our time was good, precious, sweet, and I will miss it. Two more years is a long time to wait for such dear visiting, and that reality is harsh.

The whole time she was here I had nothing to blog about. I couldn't even think of one thing. And then as soon as she left, it came to me like a wave. I couldn't blog because my life was overflowingly rich. Rich with fellowship and comradery. A glimpse into her world. A series of shared moments raising kids, loving husbands. All my "blogging" was done in real life, with her.

Jesus came that we might have life, and that we might have it more abundantly. Life not only loving Him, but loving others. He connects us, and our life is rich. Without each other, it would be empty. Abundant life isn't tasty and delicate food, colors of fabrics that feed the senses, lovely flowers that dress our tables. Those are good gifts from God. But it's the people that enrich us. And I'm thankful. Those good things are made fuller when shared with people, and I have experienced that first hand these last few weeks, and I hate to let it go.

This blog is dedicated to Naomi, a truer and dearer friend you'll never find.


Rachel said...

You couldn't have written a better first post!

Michigan Kate said...

Such a cute picture of the kids! I loved it!

Naomi Smith said...

oh gab! you make me all teary!

you are right - - our time was so full and rich and good!I'm pretty sure that we enjoyed it even more than you did

we miss you

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Ah you made me teary too!! :-D
It hard to have your sisters across the country.