Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boy vs Paleta (Popsicle)

Landis turned one 2 weeks ago, and this is how he celebrated.
At first he was hesitant, not sure if he liked the cold, icy feeling in his mouth.
But, as you can tell, that didn't last long, and it's safe to say that this little man
won the "boy vs. popsicle" battle. It may surprise you that this was my
idea and not Luke's. I'm usually the "that's too much work" kind of person.
But how could we wait until two days later to give him something sweet?
Even though it was my idea, my sweet husband whisked him away and
dropped him in the bathtub for a spray down.

He was just as messy with his birthday cake that weekend! I love my messy boy! And I can't believe he is one. Where does the time go?


Abigail said...

sweet boy - what a lovely way to celebrate the first year of ones life!

Sara said...

Love it! Bravo for keeping sugar away from your third child for an entire year! Much better than we did at the Burgin house. Landis is adorable. Hope you are doing well. Jenna wrote a letter to Am last week and now I just need to get a stamp and put it in the mail today!