Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Shoes

Yesterday, while the girls were in gymnastics, Landis and I milled around the Goodwill.  I was super excited to find a brand new Calphalon pot for a good price.  But mostly,  I was excited about these shoes...

I love them, and Landis loves them!  And they are totally made out of man-made materials, so when he walks they make this suuuper cute squee-eak, squee-eak sound.... I can't wait for Easter!

Luke, on the other hand, had to be more persuaded about these...I'm sure Landis's uncle Miah will need some persuasion too.  But I'm sorry, what reasonable mother could resist? So I'm curious, what do other mother's out there think?


lizandbunyan said...

If you like them and Luke likes them and Landis likes them, then that's all that matters, right? And I bet Landis is cute in just about anything.

And if they were cheap, then double bonus!

Sometimes, if it's really cheap or free, I will like something that I may have passed by if it was full priced.

My opinion is not necessary! ;) (I'll send you the link to the clothing catalog that Blake is in and then you'll understand the persuading I had to do in order for Blake to even put on the clothes!)

Gabrielle said...

so was that a roundabout way of saying you don't like them? :) and oh my goodness, I didn't know Blake was in a clothing catalog...please do send me the link!

Sharon said...

I like the shoes!! But I am also the woman who dressed her two year old in a smocked outfit for Christmas and snuck him into the nursery before Joe could see him (Joe had met us at church after seeing his dad). But I didn't count on the fact that Joe would go and pick him up before me...he DID NOT like the outfit.:)