Monday, April 11, 2011

Gospel Conversations

I'm feeling challenged lately to mold the conversations I have with others into Gospel-centered conversations. Admittedly, I don't think I'm very good at this gospel conversation thing...yet. But God is faithful, and I know He's pushing me to greater things.

Along with the conversations I have with women about our day to day life, which is important and necessary, I'm realizing it needs to be seasoned purposefully with reflections on God. I can certainly go a whole day with the church without ever having asked anyone what God is teaching them lately. Does this ever happen to you?

Some questions I've come up with to help me (and hopefully you) get a start on the idea of digging deeper into each other's lives are:
1)What has God been teaching you this week?
2)What ways can I specifically pray for you?
3)What are you reading these days? (from the Bible, or other books)
4)How has the Gospel been impacting you lately?

just to name a few...and really, so far that's all I've got. We can help each other out in this area, right? Give each other good ideas for conversations, and then dive in and use them. So here I am, posting these I've got to use them.

But as I've been thinking through this, I realized that if I'm going to ask a personal question of others, I need to be ready to answer the same question!
Gospel conversations with Naomi...a blessing


abi said...

thanks for challenging me gab - I needed this reminder.

Rachel said...

I have been thinking about this post of yours...thinking about how my discontent with where my current relationships are is due (in part) to me thinking that I have to know someone better before I have the freedom to ask these questions.

(sorry -- super long sentence there!)

and about how it's the ASKING these questions which will actually grow my friendships into the mutually edifying relationships that I long for them to be...

Rachel said...

this post inspired some additional questions that I used earlier this week....which led to a great conversation!

I go back and read this post often.