Sunday, October 23, 2011

from the trenches

My heart keeps wanting to write an encouraging post, something uplifting for you mommies, wives, and women out there living real life...but I keep getting stuck. That's so sad, right? I think I've been hit with a case of the "realities," and it's easy to get bogged down by it; you know, the self-pitying thoughts that can so easily rage through our souls as women...So here's coming to you from the trenches, loosely controlled thoughts that often times wander around the confines of my heart (not to worry, the encouragement will come at the end...)
~ my kids don't appreciate the way I love them
~ how come they always imitate my bad habits, and never my good ones?
~ why do cats have to poop too?
~ how many pairs of shoes does my husband own, anyway? and ties, seriously?
~ nothing I do matters, it all has to be done again tomorrow anyway
~ why won't God just answer my prayer right now and make the baby go back to sleep?
~ can't what I "want" ever match up with what I "need"?
~ why even bother being nice to the children, they only notice when I'm grumpy
~ no wonder so many women work outside the home, when they get home their house is in the same shape they left it...

come on, you know you've thought at least one of these thoughts before, keep it real...

Be Still and Know, the LORD is on Your Side....

and then this song starts playing, and I'm soothed, comforted, relaxed. God is doing a work, indeed. He's been revealing Himself to me, and revealing my sin in my daily life, and in my attitudes and actions in my family life. But in the midst of the battle (and it is, isn't it?), God is on your side. If you are trusting in Him as your Saviour, He is on your side. What a comfort! We aren't battling God, we are battling our sin, and satan's desire to keep us from God. 

So take comfort, sweet ladies, rest in Him. Be steadfast in Him, firm in your faith. Believe He is doing His perfect will, and obey Him. 

just a little dress-up to brighten your day


Denise said...

Thank you for being so transparent! I am on the verge of a very similar blog post... we should grab a cup of coffee and hang out in the trenches together! Love you!

darcie said...

while the details inside the trenches look different, the battle continues on throughout the seasons of life. . .and the truth about our God shines brighter. thanks for the reminder

naomi said...

ha! I remember the first day I thought - - "all I do all day long is things like: open the fridge. get out the milk. close the fridge. pour the milk. open the fridge. put the milk back in. close the fridge . . . (and repeat)"

thanks for the reminder; it's good to have God on our side.