Friday, January 27, 2012

a poem

landis, you sing and dance
and lately, you wet your pants.
four weeks of skittle treats
and yet you hold your own
(or not)
your teacher says that when you're twenty
you'll be fine and potty plenty.
and so your undies to the shelf must go.
(for now)
i guess if it means you're still my baby, i'm happy.


lizandbunyan said...

Haha cute!
I feel you. I am currently potty training my youngest son and we've made good progress but we're still far from being completely trained.
I am a pregnant woman on a mission though and he is 3 so I press on!

This is my first one that hasn't been excited about big boy underwear and wants his diaper. (sigh) Tis true that he will not be twenty and wearing one. Just have to remember that!

naomi said...

sweet boy. BOTH my boys were harder to train than Selma (who trained herself - classic, huh?)

Denise said...

Boys are soooo different! Enjoy the break, he will grow up so quickly! I am trying to cherish this last little blessing, wet undies and all. :)

Sharon said...

Oh Yes...the frustration of potty training. All of mine were 3 and a half. My mom kept telling me they can't go to Kindergarten in a diaper but then my friend said her son did so that made me stress even more. Thankfully Joe took over with Cuatro. I'm not even attempting with Audrey yet for the sake of my sanity:)

me said...

well. I've heard that 2 1/2 was the perfect age, and so I tried. and we had plenty of success for the first 3 weeks, and then he up and decided he didn't want anymore of it. so I'm stepping back. I'm not mentioning it anymore. and hoping he's in undies by kindergarten.

Sara said...

The new found joy of potty training boys! I thought E was difficult until it took a full 8 months with our third. Good for you to take a break.