Friday, February 24, 2012

For Love of the Child

What do you do when you think you've gotten out of birthday cake making for the year, and your cute little newly 6 year old says, "But where's the cake, Mom?" (just before the grandparents arrive for birthday dinner?)

You make a cake. 

What if the first batch of frosting comes out horrid?

You make a different batch and your daughter decorates it with candy, while you make the sauce for dinner and the kitchen is feeling insanely crazy.

What happens when you set the pan of cake on the back of the stove for the night, only to discover hours later that the burner was actually on and you almost burnt the house down? (at least I'm pretty sure that was next on the list of what would have happened that night.)

You mourn for a few minutes, let it cool, then toss it in the trash!


Denise said...

Eek! Seems about the same category as melting my pyrex lid in the oven a while back... but how sad to burn a cake already baked and decorated so lovely! :P

lizandbunyan said...

So sorry! Did you make another one?

I'm assuming you got to enjoy some of it before it came to its demise?

It looked pretty tasty before even with the supposed terrible frosting.

Just remember, you're a good mommy, birthday cake or not!

naomi said...

I bet she'll remember it as the most beautiful cake she ever had . . . and she'll have no clue about the behind the scenes stuff until her 16th birthday when you tell her about it - - and it will make the cake even sweeter to her!