Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We had a good time, Charlie

A great time was had by all (although those left at home had some major catastrophes!) We dined at Good Time Charlies, famous for their chicken fried steak. I know it's hard to believe, but I haven't had one of those in way over a year, and probably won't for much longer now. They say theirs is the best, but honestly, I think mine is the best! But if you ever stop by that joint (really that's what it is), do get their "nuts, bolts, and rings" for an appetizer; fried mushrooms, fried zucchs, fried onion rings, in a very nice batter.

Mostly, our babysitter had her hands full. Apparently Julia is super allergic to watermelon! Has anyone ever heard of that? My kids aren't allergic to anything (although in certain weather they have some eczema), but watermelon? Thankfully we didn't have to come home, but just had to guide them to the benadryl over the phone. Also, the older daughter proceeded to spill 2 plates of food, cups of milk, and break a couple things too...

So, definitely looking forward to the next date night!


darcie said...

well, I just want to encourage you to keep pursuing those dates with your husband-wish we'd done more of that over the past 30+years; and now almost every day can be a date!

Naomi Smith said...

weeeeird! (about the watermelon)