Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goint Out on a Limb

It's nice right now how my daughter trusts me. Not all the time, mind you. She doesn't necessarily believe that there really are germs all over her hands (you can't see them, you know), or that it really is time for bed, or that saving room for dessert by not eating your veggies (in order not to be tooo full) really doesn't count.

What I'm talking about is of a different nature. Take, for instance, the movies we purchased today. A set of 4 "classics" that were cheap and would maybe help solve my dilemma of hearing "a spoon full of sugar..." over and over in my sleep. Of course, when we pulled them out of the pack, it seems only 2 of them are actually appropriate (one of them is already in the trash!) Well, at least for today, instead of being upset about it, she whole-heartedly agreed and proceeded to move the two "bad" ones out of the way and admire the two "good" ones.

But something came up recently that really could have caused a wave in my 5 year old daughter's life: my decision to not go to McDonald's again (if within my control). Most of you know me, and I am not typically extreme in my patriotism, political beliefs, choices of foods or coffee (free trade, or not, for example). But for some reason, this really bothered me: the news that McDonald's was so actively supporting a lifestyle that we are adamantly opposed to. I guess since I take my kids there (not regularly, mind you) and it's supposed to be a "family" place, it hit home. My money is going where? Now, I'm not so naive to think that everywhere else I shop is completely innocent. But if I am faced with knowledge about a company, I have a choice, don't I? I'm not even "boy-cotting" it to try to get them to stop their support. It's really for me, and my family, and our consciences. Aren't we supposed to make extreme decisions according to our consciences?

So, all this to say, when I told my daughter, she asked "why not?" I explained, and she replied, "Okay. So what about Wendy's? or Chic Fil-A?" So, I guess for kids, if you tell them the truth up front, it's all long as there's another option...

P. S. I am actually curious now to figure out where my money is going in other franchises or stores (i.e. abortion support, etc.). If anyone has any solid resource that gives accurate data about which movements/agendas certain companies support, I'd love to check it out. Maria, I know your hubby had read us an article from World about a whole list of companies that supported some very controversial things, when you get a chance could you give us that info?


Anonymous said...

I recently heard about this, too. We won't be going there anymore either (not that we did very often) :)


Desiree said...

Hi Gabrielle, Its Desiree from Believers. I found your blog through Naomi's. In response to your blog, the American Family Association keeps great tabs on that. Ford is another company that supports what you are talking about. There is a lot of information on that site. I get their emails and it keeps me updated on issues such as this one. HTH.

Gabby said...

Hey Desiree,
Good to hear from you! I'll check that out!