Friday, August 15, 2008

She's 2 and 1/2

You know you're potty training when:
  • your daughter wakes up asking for M&M's
  • you've washed 6 pairs of undies in an hour
  • you find yourself forgetting where any other part of the house is besides the potty room
  • your older daughter wishes she was potty training too, and tries to come up with reasons why she should get M&M's too
  • you feel like you've run a marathon, only you haven't been out of the house once
  • your little one starts cheering for you when you....
  • your husband asks suspiciously if everyone potty trains "bare bottom"
  • you find random droplets all over the house (and perhaps other things too)
  • there's a new excuse for not taking a nap..."I have to go pee-pee"

Oh the joys of mothering!


Naomi Smith said...

be strong, mama!
. . . and show grace . . .

OR just leave them with Ginny for ten days (like I did!) and have HER potty train your 2.5 year old!

Amber said...

So THAT'S what I have to look forward to!?! Good Luck! Keep me posted... and remember to tell me if you find a magic "easy" way to potty train!

Kelly said...

Gooooo Julia! And now you know a little secret to the double meaning of why we decided to call the 2 year old class the WEE Lights! (ahem) ;)

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...


LOL Kelly! Thats to funny :-D

Daniele said...

Okay, I'm going to stop now, but seriously, this would be fab for our mommy blog, too!