Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Life in Words

I want to blog but my mind draws a blank almost all the time! So as I was thinking today, I realized that my life is sort of fragmented right now into lots of different thoughts and I thought I'd give you my life, in words and phrases, utter fragments....

butterflies and caterpillars
Is the caterpillar dead, or turning into a butterfly?
sore throat
no fruit in the fridge
when did Julia poop last?
bias tape
satisfied in God? or earthly things?
the tongue is a fire
don't forget to attach the attachment!
counting teddy bears
Mexico, this Wednesday?
oh where did my tan go?
why is the burt's bees lip balm box empty?
I will decide when you get your gummy vites!
why does it smell like a skunk in here?
am I doing enough for homeschool?
when will my house be finished?
so glad to be back in my room again; done with sleeping on the couch!
I miss friends
I have no idea...I think I've lost my brain!
Go upstairs and go potty, I mean make up your bed, I mean get dressed!
Put you "lapkin in your nap!"

Oh these foggy days. I do hope I'm teaching Amaleah something! Luke had to laugh at me for thinking that the hummingbird was Texas' state my defense, I never taught that to my just came up in a conversation! (it's the mockingbird, by the way!)

So, I know this wasn't interesting, but maybe it gives you a taste into my life..any questions? Feel free to ask.


Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

It's ok I think I have lost my brain to!!! :-)

Naomi Smith said...

you make me laugh!

kellyfcwc said...

It's Kelly, Hickman that is! You made me smile. I thought I was the only one who thought that way!! Must be motherhood....

Caroline said...

I laughed too...maybe a trip to some exotic place will set you right.

Amber said...

I think we all feel like this sometimes! It does make for a funny blog though! Oh, and on a side note, I asked Chris about a month ago if the Roadrunner was the state bird of TX! You are not alone friend... you are not alone!