Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions

*from the archives...

So I thought I'd share my New Year's Resolutions with you all...maybe it will keep me more's the list:

~Wake up every morning at 5:30 am and work out
~Use hot oil treatments on my hair regularly
~Drink 8 glasses of water a day, with squeezed lemon for cleansing
~Apply anti-wrinkle cream two times a day, no exceptions (I'm pushing 30)
~Cook only wholesome meals, no frozen foods whatsoever
~Avoid fast food, even if kids have to wait another 2 hours for lunch (it's healthier)
~Never scold my children, never, never
~Massage Luke's shoulders and feet every night
~Mop the floor 3-5 times a day (for germ's sake)
~Put photos in albums as soon as they arrive home from Wolf Camera
~Use every opportunity in life as a teaching moment for my children
~If I wake up in the night, take it as a cue to pray for 1 hour
~Practice the piano for 2 hours a day
~Clean out my kitchen sink twice a day
~Clean and organize the garage
~Clean the windows once a week

So, what do you think? Totally do-able...
Not!--so here's the real list:

*Play with my children more
*Drink only one Dr. Pepper a week (really really hard for me)
*Keep a prayer journal

This year's motto: Keep it Simple!


naomi said...

oops . . . you forgot something on your simple list: visit mexico
go ahead . . . just add it on. super simple! :)

me said...

Naomi--So for real-- when are you available for visitors? Luke's been checking the airlines. It's a real possibility.

naomi said...

no way!!!! I'll check with Joshua and email you TODAY!

Anonymous said...

you kinda-sorta had me until I read the mopping the floors part. :) haha. It was SO great getting to see, hug and chat with you the other day when I was in town! I truly do miss you and our conversations Gab! Love yoU!

Denise said...

I remember getting a good laugh out of last year when you blogged this. So, how did you do on the Dr. Pepper thing? :)

I feel somewhat inspired to add a goal oriented blog... hmmm...