Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good Times

Okay, so the summer is hot here in San Antonio. Really hot. And for a growing pregnant lady, really really hot. But the summer is good, because this is the time when the young Newtons come to town for summer break from college. Life is full! It's busy, crowded, messy, and noisy, not to mention all the extra dishwasher loads going each day. But do I really care? No, because it's full of laughter and fun, good conversations, and good food (if I may say so myself....) And not only am I on cloud nine when they're in town, my girls are too, with built in play mates almost every single day...hence, a good ol' game of Twister, which really exemplifies the nature of our life right now!

1 comment:

Abigail said...

so fun! wish I could be there to join in the games and conversation, and melting heat.
miss you guys!