Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boy Cousins

Josu and Malachai
So I have these two cute little nephews who live in Spain who I miss greatly. Of course, they have a little sister who I miss too, but with our new baby boy coming, I'm sad he won't be able to grow up side by side with his awesome boy cousins, not to mention with his awesome Aunt Naomi and Uncle Joshua. And thinking about how fun it is to grow up with cousins, it makes me sad that my children only get to see their cousins maybe once a year, maybe.

And then, to top it off, I long to share these moments with Naomi, one of my dearest friends ever, who happens to be my sister in law. We've been pregnant twice at the same time, and now she is one ahead of me, and we have yet to share these times in person. This is when the rubber meets the road; when you seek to joyfully trust God's will for your life, and yet sometimes it hurts, and we're still called to be joyful about it!

So, in a recent blog post of Naomi's, she shared that she is tender these days as she wishes she could be around for this third baby of mine, and I am echoing her sentiment, and wishing for the same thing. Not wishing God's will was different or that He'd follow my desires, but just dreaming about what it might be like if it were a little different. And thankful for friends God has put in our lives who truly stand the test of time, if you know what I mean.

Naomi and Joshua
P. S. I have 3 more days til my due date, am having lots of contractions, but so far, nothing...


lizandbunyan said...

Wow...3 more days. I know it feels like eternity, right? Amazing after he's born, you'll barely remember the waiting. It's been like that for me at least.
A boy cousin is special for sure. My boys have yet to have one of those and I imagine if that day ever comes, it will be something greatly celebrated round here. It is hard when family lives so far away and the celebration takes place with a phone call. Not the same thing. :(
Btw, I volunteered to bring you a meal at the hospital in Naomi's name, if you call me...which I'm hoping you were going to do anyways, meal or no meal!
You're almost there!

Gabrielle said...

Of course I'll call you, and thanks in advance!!!! I'm glad you're still around and not off in some foreign country too...

Amber Smith said...

Can't wait to hear all about him! I'm so excited for you. Boys are so special!

Naomi Smith said...

well now, that did NOTHING to make the ache go away!
I love you.
oh my goodness; you are so close!