Thursday, September 3, 2009

On the Eve of 30

Tis true, tis true. Here I sit awaiting this supposedly "fateful" day, the day I say good-bye to my 20's, my youth as I know it, and welcome with open arms my 30's, and all they hold for me. I'm not really sad or depressed, it's kind of exciting. But it's weird, I do admit. I just remember being like 15 years younger and thinking that 30 sounded so frumpy and old, and almost so "in between," kind of like your Sophomore year of highschool. And here it is. But, to make this a super joyful and memorable experience, I decided to make a list of the 30 Most Memorable or Influential Moments in my life thus far, in no particular order...

1. May 1, 1999-- getting engaged to Luke, on Newton Ave

2. Sleeping with a bat in my room at my grandparents house in Pennsylvania

3. My wedding day

4. The birth of Amaleah, our first born daughter

5. The birth of Julia, our second born daughter

6. My dad chewing gum down the aisle on my wedding day

7. Getting kicked in the head at my Wedding Reception

8. Luke and I (not married yet) watching the van we borrowed from my parents roll across the street and into a fence...

9. Singing, and playing piano, in St. Marks Cathedral in Venice, Italy

10. Living with an Australian family for a week in Brisbane, Australia

11. Sunday afternoons with my mom, eating M&M's in her bed during nap time

12. Emptying my mom's sock drawer for all the loose change to pay for a lunch date at Teka Molino (our favorite, favorite restaraunt)

13. Big Bend National Park on a highschool trip, sitting with Luke near a ravine late at night and hearing the wild pigs oh so close to us

14. My first kiss, which thankfully was to Luke, now my dear husband

15. Holding hands for the first time, on a hay ride, which also was with Luke, what a blessing!

16. Piano duets with my good friend Candice--good times!

17. Amaleah entering the hospital room to meet Julia, and saying "Where is baby Julia? Can I hold her?"

18. Walks to the Farmers Market in Durham, NC

19. Dates with my Dad to Houlihans for lunch, and shopping, and even bowling

20. Wearing my Gramma's Wedding Dress

21. Running out of gas in Luke's car in highschool, and climbing over the median in a skirt

22. Camping trip with Luke when I was 6 months pregnant with Amaleah

23. Luke in highschool at Big Bend getting up early to boil water for me to wash my hair (and then me deciding I didn't need to do it, it was too cold outside...I'm so mean! He's so wonderful!)

24. Amaleah praying and believing that Jesus saved her from her sins

25. My dear brother Kristian tying me up with a belt and sticking me in a trunk and sitting on it (I love you too)

26. Decorating the Christmas tree with my Dad

27. Playing piano duets with my Grandfather, marches mainly

28. Playing Dukes of Hazard with my cousin Jana in my backyard

29. Flirting with Luke in 9th grade to get him to notice me (Jan. 1, 1994, and it worked, I might add)

30. Getting down on my knees with my brother as he helped me pray to become a Christian, when I was 5

Life has been good, and I look forward to seeing how the Lord works and moves in my life as I push on in this journey. He has always been good, and it's a joy to live life knowing Him!

(In honor of my 30th Birthday, my mom made me a blanket, and I love it!)


lizandbunyan said...

Happy Birthday dear friend!
I must say I loved your 30 list. I remembered alot of your memories which was fun.

Um...I didn't remember Luke boiling water for you at Big Bend. That made me laugh out loud.

And what is it with the Zamber male gum chewing probelm? haha!

What special memories you have. I pray that you make many more in your next 30 years. Maybe we'll even still be friends. :)

Kelly Hickman said...

Happy Birthday! I loved your list. Numbers 6,7, made me laugh- and brought back memories. I'm so glad I was there to share in that special day. Happy 30th!

Tamra Lewis said...

Happy birthday, dear friend! I promise that you won't even feel older!! 30 is just like 20...only you're wiser!! Can't wait to meet baby boy!