Monday, January 10, 2011


Aunt Mercy was in town...thus, a fashion photo shoot.
They had a blast posing or "not posing" for Mercy

This morning, with my Bible, coffee, and favorite blanket in hand, I snuggled down in my usual 6 am spot.  These times with the Lord have been so refreshing; I look forward to them and treasure them dearly.  And as usual, it was good and rich.  I'm participating in a study of Job this year, and have definitely been challenged to look at my "suffering" through the eyes of Jesus; to be reminded of His suffering, and of his righteous response to it.  And it's been so valuable to study passages of Scripture that bring God's truth into perspective in regards to our trials.  

But I'm realizing that His challenge, nay "trial" for me right now is with one child in particular.  She has always been a challenge, in the midst of her darlingness.  But lately in particular it has been quite difficult.  Thus, once again, the morning had barely begun when I was facing a moment with her, and I sent her to wait in our designated discussion room.

First, I retreated to the bathroom for a brief moment of tears and crying out to God.   And He flashed before my eyes the very passages I had read this morning (from Mark 14:25-15:39),  about Jesus' sufferings and those that betrayed Him (like Peter), and how even though He loved them, they abandoned Him.  He reminded me that I am one of those people, and He still loves me and showers me with grace.  He encouraged me to be to my daughter what Christ is to me.

So I wiped my tears, and faced the challenge before me.  And as usual, I shared the Gospel with her, with variations from my reading today about Peter.  And though my words may not have been received with a humble heart, I know God was with me, strengthening me in my weakness, encouraging me to persevere.

Mercy took this one, and I adore it!


Kathryn said...

Ahh, needed that. Thanks!

Desiree said...

I needed that as well. Dealing with a challenging child can be very discouraging. Thank you for the ecouragement!