Friday, January 28, 2011

Fairy Tales have their place

Alright, so I don't do this much, mostly because I figure I'm the last one to know about these great books we read, and I'm usually not the one who discovered them, so I feel I oughtn't "claim" them. But I thought I'd share two new books I just recently discovered, that my sweet little girls and I have been enjoying...(and, may I add, Darcie my mother-in-law suggested this...she's the book guru around here, but amazingly enough she hadn't even heard of these books!)

Both books are by Elizabeth Orton Jones.  The first book, Big Susan, is about a little girl's doll house whose inhabitants come alive just once a year, on Christmas Eve. The story is so sweet and the illustrations are just delightful! This book is appropriate for children that are still thriving on picture books, although Amaleah loved listening to the story as well. Twig is a chapter book, with wonderful illustrations once or twice a chapter, about a little girl who imagines herself being turned into a person little enough to live inside an empty tomato can. Another delightful little story which involves an elf, a queen fairy and a master magician (although it is very clear in the end that it's not "real" magic, just imagination). Nothing dark or witch-crafty, of course.  

These books are available on, and are highly recommended by my girls and I for some snuggly, winter reading. There's room for imaginative, un"real" stories in our life, right?  (Julia for sure doesn't need a book to tell her that!) 


Kathryn said...

Thanks for the good girl book recommendations! Here's one to save for your boy: Billy and Blaze books by C.W. Anderson.I had never heard of them but Jonathan had an entire co-op class devoted to them last semester. They are full of fun adventures about a boy and his horse.They are at our library but you can get them on Amazon too. Keep the recommendations coming!You and I must really be at a similar season because I am SO identifying with your recent blog posts. :)

darcie said...

I was telling Abi about these books the other day and I'm so glad you wrote a post. And by the way, we have those Billy and Blaze books on our shelf at 2305 if you'd ever like to borrow them (they are falling apart, though) Missing you all.