Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sometimes I think back to life as a kid and almost long for that carefree world again.  I look at my own children and envy the freedom they have; the freedom they don't even appreciate; the freedom from bills, paperwork, laundry, meal planning, driving to and fro, and on and on.  They look to me and Luke--we take care of all that stuff.  It's not even on their radar.  That's life for a child.

And even more than that, they have direct access to their parents (hopefully).  When I was young, anytime I needed my mom, she was there.  I'd either crawl into her bed at night for a long chat, or hang out with her in the kitchen and talk. She always had a listening ear, good questions and plenty of wise counsel.  But it was easy, and I know I took it for granted.

Then you grow up, life gets busy, the responsibilities pile up, and all of a sudden that access is gone.  Not truly gone--my mom and I text and call each other all the time.  But now we have to make the extra effort to have time for those good chats; those times when we can share our hearts and encourage each other; those times that used to happen whenever we wanted, but now have to be planned. Babysitters have to be secured, calendars have to be cleared.  That's life for a grown-up.

But when we do make the effort, it's well worth it.  Last weekend we set aside a Saturday and spent close to 5 hours together!  We shopped leisurely, finished conversations (you know, when you have kids, often conversations get started and never finished!), took our time over lunch at our favorite spot, and savored every moment.  Good shopping, good food, and good fellowship.  And the first two just wouldn't be good without the latter, you know what I mean?

It was refreshing, rejuvenating.  I love my mom!  I shared some struggles, and she responded with encouragement.  Always ready to support, even if I want to change some detail in my life drastically.  "Mom, will you be disappointed?"  "Gabby, never.  I will always support your decisions!  I'm so proud of you!"  She's so good at encouraging me and pointing me to God, and I realize what a blessing that is.

Thinking of life as a child is nostalgic.  But I'm thankful that my mom is here, and that she's still just as much involved in my life as she ever was.

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lizandbunyan said...

Such a sweet post about your mom. What a beautiful picture too!
Your mom is a wonderful lady and you are blessed to have such a great relationship.
Did you go to your fav Mexican place Teka Molino (I think I totally botched the name-sorry!)
And yes I do miss the days when life's only concerns were my schoolwork and feeding my cat! And then, I wished I was older and had more "freedom." The ironic thing is I was free--childlike free as you described.