Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Night, 6:40 pm

I asked Amaleah tonight how it feels to have a daddy who makes homemade pasta.  She said, "I don't know, how does it feel to have a husband that makes homemade pasta?" Well, pretty cool, of course!  I'd dare say most wives don't go upstairs to change a diaper, and come back down to hear the pasta maker running and see their husband making homemade penne' pasta.

Of course, he's been goin' at this for quite some time.  It all started when we lived in North Carolina; he got me a hand crank pasta maker for my birthday...I did it once and decided hands down it was not for me...But it stirred up some sort of passion in Luke, and what once was a now & then thing has almost become a weekly event, and tonight it took 40 minutes from start to finish, dinner served! (no more hand crank pasta maker mind you--we've moved on to the Kitchen Aid pasta maker attachments.)

We agree though that it wouldn't be that fast if we didn't function as a team:  he's the pasta maker, and I'm the sauce maker. Tonight's throw together sauce was a lemon parmesan cream sauce.  And I'm thankful Luke has grabbed onto this hobby, because it has turned into a very fun family affair.

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Heather Pelczar said...

YAY!!!! I love it! this made me smile!