Monday, February 14, 2011

Choices We Make

Last week at my ladies Bible study group, I asked for prayer that I would be more faithful in choosing to have one on one time with my children. And since then, I have found that idea to be more and more on my mind (could it be that someone out there is praying for me?).  I've been pondering how to do this and when, especially in light of the fact that I savor moments of quiet and rest, where my children are playing happily (sometimes) in their room and I am sipping coffee, blogging (smile).

Yesterday, after a morning with the church, I was ready for an afternoon of rest.  The weather was springy and breezy, we had the windows open, and it just seemed perfect for a nap.  But then I was faced with a choice...

"Mommy, can I have some time with you this afternoon during rest time.  I really have to finish this project and I need your help. It must be done soon, because Julia's birthday is on Thursday."

Deep breath...Of course, yes.  Let's do it.  So, Amaleah brought her sewing basket and materials down to my bedroom, we pulled out the baskets of trim, and we began to work, first sprawled out on my comfy bed, but then transferring to the sewing machine.  And it was sweet--oh so sweet.  And so restful!  Seriously, I felt restful through the whole thing, and I wasn't anxious to be done and get out of there.

And along with the project, our hearts were bonded in a new way.  My little daughter is growing up, and some of our conversation was just that, grown up.  And I am thankful I had been preparing my heart and my mind for it, because sometimes you just can't plan for these times, they just happen.

And when our project was finished, we reluctantly went on our way to the next thing, having had such a nice time with each other.


Heather Pelczar said...

When did you begin teaching Amaleah how to crochet, knit, sew?

the doctor's wife said...

She has always been interested in these things; she started learning to knit when she was 4; she doesn't crochet (she wants to learn but I had to put my foot down!); we started with hand sewing probably in Kindergarten, and her gramma is teaching her how to machine sew (and I help with that some)