Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoes without straps

My baby girl turned 5 last week. Five years is a big milestone, at least for this little Jewel of ours.  For weeks she's been telling us exactly what she wants for her birthday, "Shoes without straps!!!"  For her, this ushers in a whole new "grown up" world; a world in which she's traipsing along behind a big sister, who gets all of these things first, you know.

So, I've been under some pressure to find the perfect shoes.  I mean, when my little dreamer has her heart set on "shoes without straps," what if I chose the wrong ones?  But she assured me, it didn't matter what color, as long as they "didn't have straps."  Okay then.  Oh, and she also reminded me to "check the Gap at the mall and the Gap at the Quarry."  (yeh, this girl gets around.)

I bought two pairs just in case (which was a feat in itself, since it's suuuuper hard to find strapless shoes size 11), and sure enough, one of them must be returned.  But the new ones are already with the old, on with the new.
the silver shoes literally have holes in the front...
When I think of my little Julia, and the delights her little personality brings to this family, I think of warmth, comfort, things that stay the same.  She wears her favorite shoes until they have holes in them; she wears her favorite shirts until they are past donating; and she still loves to snuggle and read her favorite books.  She's getting older, but her little world still revolves around make believe and dress-up, cooking with play-dough and watching Dora.  She's still a little girl, and I'm going to enjoy every bit of this 5th year--it flies by so fast and before you know it she won't be pretending anymore.

She's growing out of her favorite old shoes, but making memories in new ones.  I think there's going to be a big box in the attic labeled "Julia" for all the things I just can't let go of...and I'm sure some day as I sift through it, the memories of these dreamy little days will flood my heart.

I love my jolly Julia.


Mercy Newton said...

you're gonna make me CRY! i love knowing i can always count on julia for gooooooooood snuggle time.

Kelly Hickman said...

Oh, Gabrielle. Your Julia looks so spirited and fun. Definitely a dreamer! Cherish every minute of it, my friend!!

Heather Pelczar said...

How sweet your heart is. I just love to read of your love for your sweet kids. Happy new steps for Julia!!

darcie said...

those worn out silver shoes could tell a story of Julia's year--maybe some day she'll write it! I remember events with Julia in silver shoes, like walking the Golden Gate Bridge and 2 weddings! One day she told me that her silver shoes were her "wedding shoes"! (and I think they were her park, playground shoes too!)

Sara said...

I cannot believe she is 5!! In my mind she is still the little toddler she was when you moved back home. Such a sweet post in honor of her birthday.