Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get Real, Part 1

Recently, a dear friend posted a blog about her real pretentiousness or keeping up with Better Homes and Gardens homes; just photos and descriptions of a normal day.  And I loved it, and was challenged to do the same thing here on my blog.  I've realized in recent months that sometimes as women, wives, and mommies what we're not good at is being real with each other.

It seems like we like to pretend that our home life is pretty perfect...that our houses always look like the way it did when you came for dinner last week, or that our children always pick up their toys, no problemo.  We want those on the outside to think we have it all together, even though we don't and we know it.  

Sometimes we even go so far as making new mommies feel like they're doing something wrong because they can't figure out how to shower, dress, clean their house, grind their own wheat, put food on the table, or go to church for that matter, by the time their newborn is 2 weeks old.  And what's the point?  To make ourselves seem to look better (even though it's a deception). We like to appear like Super Mom (who ever came up with that term I'll never know).

And to get more nit-picky about this issue, when was the last time you shared some real struggles you have as a mom or wife with a friend?  Not gripy, complainy issues, but real issues. Issues of normal life that perhaps make you vulnerable, not so Martha Stewart-ish after all.  Have you told a new mom lately about how messy your house was when you had your first baby?  Hmmm..

Well, these are just some thoughts to get you chewing on, and tomorrow I'll post the pictures.  Pictures baring it all, so to speak...


Dre Legit said...

I'm pretty sure I'm no mom- and I only look after myself (which is challenging enough ;)) and I could give a lot of people a run for their money with how messy my apartment is. :) hahah. I love when i go to people's houses and the're like "it's a mess" and there's like 10 toys on the floor. Seems normal to me if you have kiddos. I on the other hand-have no excuse. :) I like this idea! I love it when people challenge you (or myself) in such a different,unexpected way. :) It's refreshing.

naomi said...

yaaaay! keep it real posts.

just last week I DID tell my super amazing awesome neat friend (who is trying to find more time to love her neighbors)that I only wash my kids sheets once a month - - unless they pee in them.

how's that for real!? :)