Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chatting with Children

My sweet little 8 year old up and started folding clothes for me--not once, but twice this week, without even being asked. And she did a super amazing job, so neat and crisp. I'm still working on the 5 year old--of course, I think back to when Amaleah was 5, and she was definitely just learning the ropes, so all is well.

But in the meantime, we were chatting, and she said,

"Here Mommy, you fold Daddy's undies, I don't want to do that..." (with a little grimace).

To which I replied, "Well, someday you might have to fold your husband's undies, you know."

And she said, "Well Mommy, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it!"

1 comment:

Dre Legit said...

So cute.... I was thinking if her yesterday and she would say DreBABY. :)