Friday, March 16, 2012

Deep Grooves

So it's like this: following Jesus leaves deep grooves in your your heart, in your home, in your relationships, in your name it.

Usually I shy away from analogies...but something just keeps coming back to me. Some time ago, Luke and I were moving a rather large item through our house, from the back door all the way through to the front door. It was huge and heavy--but it had wheels, so it seemed like it would roll on through and leave no mark behind. Well, not quite--we have the two indented, curvy little paths along our wood floor to prove it. Deep Grooves.

And the purpose behind the movement of this rather large item was Gospel-centerred. It was a small detail in the midst of many other details of the day working together to live out the Gospel in front of our community, our neighbors, our friends. It was a practical step that would help in our endeavors to love others, and to hopefully have an impact for the Gospel. But it left it's mark.

Really, it's a physical reminder to me that living out the Gospel in front of the people nearest to us isn't easy. It involves risk, self-sacrifice, "feeling the pinch." Sometimes it involves leaving everything you know and love in this world behind to reach people in a completely different country with the Gospel. Usually, it involves staying where you are, and loving Jesus in front of those people you see every day--adorning the Gospel, living out it's truths in a beautiful way, speaking the truth, giving up your time, your resources, your comfort zone. And why? Because Jesus is lovely, we love Jesus, and we want others to love Him too.

But it leaves its mark, its scar, its deep groove. And it's good.


Abigail said...

this is so good for, so good. thanks for the thoughts and for spurring me on.

naomi said...


sigh. Gospel risk is sweet and wonderful and necessary! . . . but I find it exhausting, and sometimes it hurts; and then in the midst of my tears, I have to - HAVE TO go back to this:
"Because Jesus is lovely, we love Jesus, and we want others to love Him too"

it's what soothes my soul and allows me keep risking myself to love the world more fully.

darcie said...

this is good for me too; I realize that while I say "indeed, the grooves are good. . ." but then I resist, going into my self, being self protective, wanting everything to be smooth, without grooves. So, I pray that I will see beauty in the scars even when I feel weary and my heart wants ease. And sometimes the grooves are scarey. Then I remember Psalm 27:4.

Denise said...

I thought of this post last week. The home we are looking at has grooves like you describe right from the livingroom, through the kitchen and dining room. I am glad you chose to indulge in the analogy, a good one to ponder.