Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's the Little Things

Landis likes to line things, neatly unfolded tissues, paper coffee cups, etc. And when I open the door and discover a little line of somethings, my heart usually skips a beat. It's just one of those priceless things about being a mom -- the little evidences of busy little people, all over the house. 

Sadly, sometimes I get gripey on the inside instead of delighted. You know, that feeling of "man, could this house get any messier, with all these things lying about!" 

But lately I'm grateful for these moments--
~the repeated hugs and kisses at night after I've already hugged and kissed my neck out...
~the "Mom, come watch me," every time some amazing gymnastics move is done on the mat in the front room (which by the way, might be the most awesome thing we own); 
~Landis pushing his little stool over to the counter to help me, and having to come up with any ol' job for him to do to satisfy his "helping" button...
~the delighted cheers every time the tall tower of wooden shape blocks falls to the floor (even though my eardrums almost rupture every time)
~not to sound cliche', but the pitter patter of bare feet is still so sweet
~the arms-around-the-neck squeeze hug when I pick up my sleepy-eyed boy

I'm daily reminded that these sweet moments won't last forever, and before you know it this house full of toys will be quiet and savoring all these things is really the only thing we can do, right?


Denise said...

Thanks so much for the amazing (and timely) encouragement. You are a wonderful mom!

lizandbunyan said...

I know exactly those same thoughts and feelings. When the house is completely a mess with toys, I sometimes (not as much as I should) think about when these toys will no longer be afoot and I will miss them.
And I recognize the car line up. It appears at my house too. :)