Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Friend

I know, I know, it's been way toooo long since I've blogged. But I'm sure most of you have been just as busy doing exactly what I've been doing--entertaining children during a very hot summer. Not to mention all the other stuff we mommas do to keep busy....

And I'm sure there are many stories to fill these blog pages with from these past couple months, and slowly but surely I'll work my way through them. For now, the thing closest and dearest to my heart is the fact that I had to say goodbye to yet another dear friend. It's bitter-sweet--having dear friends all over the country, and out of the country; bitter because of the times spent missing them, wishing you could just stop in and hang out; sweet because of the way God brings so many wonderful people in and out of our lives. What a blessing to have a life that has been enriched with friendship!

So my sweet friend Hillary, and her sweet family, followed God's call in their lives to move all the way back to New York state to be near family--to love them and hopefully impact them for the sake of the Gospel. God kept them around way longer than they had planned, but finally sent them on their way. I will miss weekly meetings with Hillary, studying good books, sharing Scripture, praying, eating pastries, and doing nails. Our times were so encouraging and uplifting to me.

But I'm thankful for modern technology--texting and phone calls that will hopefully help keep us in touch!

And after crying quite a few tears, one day early this week I received a package in the mail--a sweet gift from Hillary, thoughtful and exactly what I had mentioned wanting. I couldn't call her to say thanks because I knew I'd burst into tears yet once again. So now I have something to remember her by, and she has a bathtub to remember me by (yep, we sent them with an old antique bathtub we'd bought along time ago...really, just so she will never ever forget, I should have signed it!)


menewton said...

who doesn't love Hillary!? i hate goodbyes too (as you know). I just helped one of my last college friends pack up and move out....we kept the goodbye really fast and super casual.

and i wish you would've signed the tub. how awesome would that be.

Hillary said...

Just happened to stumble upon this precious about shedding tears! Thanks for all the memories! Ditto to all of it! Miss you bunches!!!!