Friday, November 9, 2012


*warning: trader joe's has made it's way into my blog. something's wrong here.*

Times are changing around here, in a big way; and it's the talk of the town--Trader Joe's. It's almost embarrassing what a big deal it is. But it is what it is, and I will take part. So I strolled through the familiar store with my little guy tucked into the basket this morning, minutes after the store opened. I was smart enough to wait a week before attempting this, since the craze is just a little more mild this week. What I love about this store is the sample coffee in the back--there's something comforting about a stroll through a tiny grocery store sipping a tiny cup of good coffee.

My first experience with Trader Joe's was in California, of course, with Naomi. And Luke and I always stop in whenever we get the chance too. But last time I was in California, Naomi and I stopped into Trader Joe's before we even made it home from the airport, shopping and drinking coffee, and later we picked out little goodies for the kids. And of course chocolate for us, I'm sure. So today, I bought myself a bar of chocolate, thinking to myself, "If Naomi were here, what would we get?" So here's to my dear Naomi, who I miss with all my heart--

wish you were here to sip coffee and nibble a chocolate with me.


naomi said...

yes! the coffee! . . . and there is always real cream . . .

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what what I would have picked; and I'm wishing I was there too.

lizandbunyan said...

So sweet!
I went for the first time today--I have never been happier to shop in a small, crowded store. It was quite the experience. I can see how both of you enjoy the special things there.
And I didn't sample the coffee...maybe next time.
Miss you too Naomi!