Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some Holiday Perspective

Yesterday, I was traipsing through my house, stumbling over items strewn across the floors, thinking to myself, "This house doesn't even look like there's a mother around." And then, in an instant, like a flashback, I remembered the whole morning of playing with my sweet little girl--from snuggling on the couch with a good book, to beauty salon, to friendship bracelet-ing. I literally had to speak to myself and say, "Wait a second. There has been a mother around the house--and she's been spending precious time with her sweet little girl."

Sometimes I need a little perspective--it's easy in this busy time of year to be overwhelmed by all that I haven't accomplished, all the dust underneath the garland on the piano, the crumbs and wrappers of eaten candy left around, the piles of not-yet-put-away Christmas presents, and so on and so forth. But then I have to take a moment to remind myself of the higher priorities; that sometimes a less than perfect house is an indication of a mom who chose to make a lasting memory instead of a fleeting shiny floor (and yes, sometimes a messy house reveals my laziness...).

All this to say, I'm trying these days to make a conscious effort to choose the lasting memory instead of the feel-good productivity. Sometimes checking off my to-do list is just not as important as the moments that can't be as easily recorded, but that leave a greater mark on my family.

(and sometimes I wash dishes too.)


Denise said...

Thanks Gab, I have been pondering this very balance... I don't have any answers, but I am thankful for your perspective... more to ponder...

naomi said...

sometimes I wish I had a gauge - - a little machine that would tell me when I had completed enough of either task.

Aaaaah but . . the gauge probably wouldn't mature my ability to evaluate what is needed for the each moment, huh?


(I miss yo blogging face!)

Mercy Newton said...
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Mercy Newton said...

yes! i love how you are capturing the moments and turning them into sweet memories for your girls! they will remember them, for sure.

i mean, i cherish all the times we sat on the couch, you reading to me. And then making friendship bracelets long into the night together when Luke was on call. i will never, never forget. Thank you.

but seriously :) a cool post that makes me think of how i can make things significant for the ones I love.