Sunday, January 20, 2013


I'm marveling at the goodness of God right now; at the grace and the sweet gifts He brings just exactly when we need them; and how He knows what we need so much better than we ourselves do. 

Naomi and Joshua flew into town unexpectedly this week, for about 36 hours...a whirlwind trip, and in sooo many ways, absolutely tooo short. But, mostly just exactly what I needed. At a time in my life when things are just different around here, schedules are shifting, needs are changing, I sometimes find myself weepy (I'm realizing change is hard). And earlier this week I had messaged Naomi to pray for my weepy heart; and she did. And she also flew to town...

(I like to think she flew here just for me, but there were other extenuating circumstances--yet they were definitely orchestrated by God, and it blessed me for sure...)

And then the sweetness grew sweeter when we spent a late evening baking an almond tart that was supposed to take 4 hours to make (and we miraculously made it in like half that time..."shove it in the freezer, quick!" was yelled over and over again)...and shared it with family and close was just a sweet unexpected pleasure...

and it was soooo good for my soul.

(by the way, Naomi, the tart got better the next day. so maybe, just maybe, the recipe meant what it said by letting it set for several hours...)


dre said...

glad that the timing was perfect for you and for me! ;) I was in town for one day as well, but next time you are on my list to see ;) miss you and so glad you guys all were able to get together and that i had an awesome dinner with the bisagnis! :)

naomi said...

me too. I'm marveling too; it was so sweet.

huh. it's hard to believe that Joy the baker had more dessert know-how than us. I guess I should not send that correction email that I was crafting for her :)