Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ramblings of a Homeschool Mom

My mind is full of butterflies and phonics, nature stories and Heidi. You wanna know why? This week marks our first week of homeschooling, and boy am I tired! Why does it take so much energy to teach the simplest things? I don't think it's the teaching of the simple things as much as it is the high level of alertness a mom/teacher has to have...A non-stop, never ending supply of ideas and energy--to teach, take kids potty, read, launder, cook, clean, master-mind arts and crafts, and so on!

All in all, it's been good. Amaleah has been a prize pupil, sincerely doing her best on her handwriting (and ending up with huge success, I might add), and truly paying attention to everything. I think her deepest desire in all this is to catch bugs. Honestly, the highlight of her first day of school was catching a roach, of all things! And who had to do the catching? Mommy, of course! When you are looking for bugs to catch, they all go away; except for the roaches, that is. So we had to stare at that thing for almost 24 hours before we released it back into the wild (we'll probably see him again, only he'll probably be seeing the bottom of my shoe...)

God has been gracious to give me strength. I'm trying not to even think of a whole year of this because it makes me exhausted. Just one day at a time. Blogging, however, might be limited for a while.


Amber Smith said...

It is harder than it seems, isn't it? We have had trouble finding balance around here also. It is always kindof sad when Josh comes home at the end of the day and can't "see" all of the work that I've done, though it seems like SO much. Trying to do it all can be very exhausting at times. Getting to watch their little minds working and grasping important truths makes it all worth it! I hope you guys have a great school year!

Daniele said...

And this one...this one for our blog, too! Please! I love it!