Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fashion Tips for Winter

While I was in D.C. last weekend, I hopped in a cab (well, to be honest, it was more like hoisting the baby carrier in the cab with the frigid wind blowing everything everywhere; trying to close up the stroller with my arms full of diaper bags and coats, and shopping bags on the return trip; but lets romanticize it and say, "I hopped in a cab,") and went to the nearest shopping mall for a little outing with Landis.

While there, I got my lunch (which would have been French crepes if I had seen the shop before I settled for greasy McDonalds over "Texas BBQ") and sat on a ledge to eat. Apparently, everyone in D.C. knows how to snatch a table the moment it comes available, because I certainly was not quick enough. As I ate, I preoccupied myself with people watching. First I noticed coats, but soon grew bored of that, so I decided to observe how many different ways you can wear a scarf. Below are my findings, modeled by Amaleah. (P.S. Is every little girl born with an innate ability to model something?)

The Throw & Go:
(for the sleek, wanna be "cool" guy)

The Sophisticated/Business Over-the-Coat:
(very D.C. diplomat)

The French Dreamy & Airy:
(or: I got too hot and had to untie)

The "30 and Flirty" (or so it seemed), and sometimes sported with a knot...

The Through the Loop
(or: Scarve Wearing for Dummies)

My Personal Favorite...
The Thrifty:
Two in One--It's Both a Hat and a Scarf

(and an awesome floor dance to match...)

So take your pick this winter and wear that scarf well!


Amber said...

Awesome! You have quite the model there!

Sara said...

Thanks for the scarf tips. They have become a wardrobe staple for us. Amaleah looks adorable. Jenna enjoyed getting her note!

Abigail said...

hmmm - I think I will try out the '30 & flirty' look out this week, could be my new fav way to wear a scarf

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I am going with Cameron to a conference, too! Someplace warm, though . . . :)

Ginny said...

Amaleah is beautiful and a great model-loved her poises and expressions.