Monday, April 16, 2012

True Confessions

I've always told Luke, "I've never mowed a lawn, and I plan to keep it that way!" I pretty much say that every time we pass a woman mowing her lawn. But we got to thinking, and realized that there are a few more things in my life that I have never done, and most likely will never do.

I have never, ever....(drum roll please)
~changed a flat tire
~changed the oil in any car
~plunged a toilet (at least I don't have any recollection of it, and if I ever did, I'm sure I had to call in back-up)
~bleached or highlighted my hair
~picked up a hitch-hiker 
~washed a car (okay, I have done it once, but that was enough for me)
~kept an indoor plant alive...
~played a lame game on Facebook (which includes all of them)
~played a piano piece absolutely perfectly
~run more than a mile at a time
~made a box cake mix (here again, I did it once...but I learned my lesson)
~gone more than a week without a Dr. Pepper..just keepin' it real, people
~drunk 8 glasses of water in one day
~made tuna casserole
~owned a hamster or gerbil
~kissed another boy besides Luke
~officially stayed on water skis for more than 5 seconds at a time
~owned snow boots, or worn a pair, for that matter
~gotten a tattoo
~made stuffing (the kind you put in a turkey), or enjoyed eating it, for that matter
~worn stilettos
~eaten a whole bite of a raw mushroom (and if I have, I've totally gagged)
~eaten at Jack in the Box
~drunk an entire diet soda (I've tried, people, I've tried)

And the list goes on...I wonder what things you have never done, or will never do?

Learning to like cooked mushrooms has been a work in progress; Luke loves them--
hence, he's the one who cooked these mushrooms, and I ate them...and they were good.


menewton said...

whaaaat, facebook games are awesome.

but for real, fun-fetty cake totally has it's place. just saying.

menewton said...

p.s. i don't believe you about the plunging the toilet one

menewton said...

i've never picked my nose

me said...

yeh right, nose-picker

naomi said...

new lens? lookin' good.

Denise said...

This post was awesome. I have pondered making a reciprocal list to blog but realized I did way too much stupid stuff before I was saved... I would have a very short list.

No tattoo. :P

P.S. The whole nose picking exchange was hilarious.

naomi said...

p.s. that "not more than a mile" thing is totally untrue . . . I'm pretty sure we ran TWO together last summer

mrsdestroyer said...

I love your list! I however am starting to hesitate to say "I'll Never..." because invariably God changes things and I do what I said I wouldn't.
1. I'll quit teaching immediately if I ever get married...taught for 5 more years
2. I could never have Luke be my I highly recommend him
3. I won't let my children watch a video just so I can get something done...having them watch a Bible story while I shower doesn't count does it?

I think I can say that I don't plan on ever eating snake. (please God don't make me!)